From Baltimore to San Diego Chef Gerard Viverito showcased local, sustainable scallops – and amplified his recipe with a Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil-based Romesco sauce.

Healthy Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil can boost a meal’s flavor, appearance and nutrition. Chef Viverito used the oil as a marinade for the scallops so they would sear quickly and lend a caramelized flavor to the dish. Unlike olive oil, which takes on a burnt flavor in high-heat cooking, the Malaysian palm fruit oil becomes buttery and complements the richness of scallops.

Most program hosts praised the beautiful color of the red Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil. Chef Viverito explained that the oil is rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A and Vitamin E tocotrienols. All of these antioxidants are important to good health, especially neurological health. The natural color of the oil blends with the roasted red peppers and tomatoes of the Romesco sauce to pop the plate.

In addition to providing critical nutrients the Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil is a healthy fat option. It’s naturally trans-fat free and won’t raise your cholesterol levels.

Chef Viverito chose to televise this recipe because it is a quick and sustainable meal. He wants viewers to understand:  you do have time to cook. Preparing healthy, sustainable meals is better for you and the planet. This attention to cooking can be made easier with functional ingredients such as Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil.

To learn more about Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil’s uses in this dish check out the clips from Sunday Brunch (WBAL Baltimore, MD), Studio 6 (KOIN Portland, OR),  Fox 40 Live (KTXL Sacramento, CA), The View from the Bay (KGO San Francisco, CA) Fox 5 News (KSWB San Diego, CA) and San Diego Living (XETV San Diego, CA). For more inspiration check out the scallops with panzanella salad on the Sunday Brunch program or the recipe for tuna in bagna cauda sauce on Fox 5 News.

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