How are you taking care of your heart this Valentine’s Day? One easy way is cook with Malaysian red palm oil and choose healthy consumer products that contain Malaysian palm oil. Here are just five of the reasons why this is good for your heart. (And remember, what’s good for your heart is also good for your brain. So choosing Malaysian palm fruit oil is also a smart decision!)

1. Research has shown that palm olein and olive oil have basically the same effect on cholesterol levels, despite the fact that palm olein contains saturated fat.

2. Experts say that a diet in healthy fats, such as Malaysian palm fruit oil, helps to reduce the inflammation blamed for degenerative diseases including heart disease.

3. Malaysian palm fruit oil’s tocotrienols and other carotenoids help prevent oxidative damage to cells.

4. Malaysian palm fruit oil is being used as a healthy replacement for trans fats.

5. Malaysian red palm fruit oil has more of the antioxidant carotene than tomatoes or carrots.

Is it any wonder that Dr. Oz called red palm fruit oil his “most miraculous find for 2013”?


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