Here are a few facts and figures that you might not know about healthy Malaysian sustainable palm oil, which is a key global player in the oils and fats market. Palm oil is a fruit oil (just as olive oil is a fruit oil) that is widely used in food and non-food products worldwide. It comes from the oil palm fruit, which is unique as an oil-bearing crop since it produces two different oils: palm oil from the flesh, and palm kernel oil from the seed.

Facts you may not realize about
Malaysian sustainable palm oil:

570,000: The number of people are directly employed by the Malaysian palm oil industry
50%: The amount of Malaysia’s land area that is mandated as forest cover, keeping a pledge made to the world at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.
5,000: The number of years of recorded human consumption of palm oil, worldwide
$126 billion: The 2008-2013 contribution to Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product through palm oil product exports
#1: Oil palm is the most efficient oil-bearing crop in the world
7-11 times more: The amount of oil is produced by one hectare of oil palm than any other leading oilseed crop
35%: The amount of the world’s palm oil is produced by Malaysia
5.3%: The amount of global agricultural land used. That’s all it takes for oil palm plantations to produce 31.3% of the world’s oils and fats
3 billion: The number of people in 150 countries who enjoy palm oil. This makes it the highest consumed edible oil.
25.66 million: The number of tons of palm oil and products exported by Malaysia in 2013.
0%: The amount of trans fat in palm oil, making it the global choice for trans-fat free food products.
Infinite: The immeasurable goodness that palm oil provides you and your family.

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