Today’s shoppers consider more than taste or convenience. Many now choose to fill their shopping carts with foods they consider healthy and natural. That’s why it’s important that clear information about packaged food ingredients is readily available. has been providing relevant information about Malaysian palm oil to U.S. consumers since 2011. We agree with this international specialty food ingredient supplier: The story of this sustainable and wholesome oil needs to be shared.  

During October 2016 Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar, Lieven De Wader, a representative of Puratos, answered questions about Malaysian palm oil. Puratos provides premium ingredients to bakers and chocolatiers in more than 100 countries around the world.

When asked how to create a positive image for the palm oil industry, De Wader said the focus should be on the consumer. “It is very essential that we concentrate on the reasoning of this consumer: Why he is choosing one food ingredient and not another one?”

  • This is the approach taken in the United States. For more than five years, content has been delivered to consumers through television, radio, newspaper and magazines. Online channels such as social media have also been used. This approach brings the material right into their living rooms.

De Wader suggested focusing on the consumer’s needs and thoughts and added that health was on the minds of many consumers. “It is of utmost importance that we can tell a story about palm that promotes palm (oil) as being healthy and a very good food ingredient.” He added, “I am convinced that there is a very nice story to tell about palm (oil), and the essential thing is that we should be able to bring this story to the consumer.”

  • In the U.S., trusted health experts such as dietitians, fitness experts and holistic pharmacists have shared this message with American consumers. These experts have praised this healthy and vitamin-rich oil for supporting heart, skin and brain health.  

The message of Malaysian palm oil’s sustainability also needed to be shared. “I think that Malaysia is really playing a very important role in defining and implementing the rules of sustainability. They are very proactive,” said De Wader. “I think that this story should be told to the consumer. That is already a very important point.” De Wader also wants consumers to understand the importance of palm oil. “Palm (oil) is an essential ingredient in food.  And it is an essential ingredient for feeding the global world. These are really stories to be told.”

  • Palm Oil Health includes content about the eco-friendliness, sustainability and usefulness of Malaysian palm oil. It also corrects misinformation that is sometimes published. This content is also spread to consumers via media placements.

According to De Wader, Puratos uses palm oil in its compound chocolates, non-dairy creams, emulsifiers and margarines. Like other research-based, multi-national companies, Puratos is committed to responsible sourcing of ingredients, including palm oil.

Many international food manufacturers prefer Malaysian palm oil due to its sustainability and premium quality.

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