This post was originally published on November 16, 2015 and updated on November 15, 2021.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Some of us think of it as the most traditional holiday, but let’s face it: While Aunt Gertrude’s chiffon pie may have been the bee’s knees in the 1970s, it’s just not up to today’s health and sustainability standards. Update your Turkey day by making a few easy swaps, such as substituting natural Malaysian sustainable palm oil for your current vegetable oil. A trendy Thanksgiving isn’t so hard when you follow these 10 easy steps.

  1. Make cooking a family affair. Grandma doesn’t need to be the sole cook in the kitchen. Thanks in part to the plethora of cooking shows on television, many of us have cooking expertise. This Thanksgiving, make preparing a meal a family affair by having everyone contribute a dish.
  2. Forget low-fat. We used to all fear fat. Now we know that was not only wrong, but perhaps even hazardous to our health. This Thanksgiving, go ahead and add some extra butter on your mashed potatoes. And if anyone brings up the low-fat food myth, enlighten them with the latest research.
  3. Make it casual. There’s no need for a suit and tie at a 2015 Thanksgiving celebration. Dress casually and comfortably. That doesn’t mean wearing your Snoopy pajama pants. Don some relaxed jeans and an on-trend sweater.
  4. Forgo the fake stuff. If your favorite pie recipe hasn’t changed in 20 years, chances are it contains artificial trans fats. Harmful trans fats may also be lurking in your crescent rolls and stuffing. This year, look for products made with naturally trans fat-free Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. Unlike other commonly used edible oils, it’s non-GMO and nutrient-rich.
  5. Set a more natural table. Instead of dropping a bundle at your local department store, take a trip into the woods to gather your holiday décor. Branches and dried flowers make a beautiful centerpiece. Consider using thinly sliced logs as a charger or serving platter. Pinecones are always in style.
  6. Exercise together. Play a family football game before dinner, and follow up the meal with a brisk walk. You will feel better doing so, and you’ll beat that after-dinner slump.
  7. Season simply. Instead of covering foods with heavy sauces, let the natural flavor of the foods, herbs and spices shine. If your favorite recipe uses a can of cream of mushroom soup, it’s time to find an up-to-date version.
  8. Upcycle your décor. Convert your Halloween jack-o-lantern into trendy thanksgiving décor by wrapping it in burlap and adding a ribbon. Have the kids turn cardboard tubes into festive crafts. Or, turn last weekend’s wine bottles into magnificent candle holders.
  9. Serve sparkling water. It’s old-school to stock up on several soda pop brands for your guests. Serve naturally flavored sparkling water with dinner. It’s the trendy way to stay hydrated.
  10. Choose sustainable foods. Show your concern for the environment by choosing responsibly sourced foods. For a trendy Thanksgiving, select fair-trade coffee for an after-dinner drink, locally produced eggs for the pumpkin pie and Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil for drizzling over the veggies.
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