I used to struggle with my weight. I tried every diet and worked out for hours, but still couldn’t drop the pounds. So, I started researching ways to boost a slow and sluggish metabolism. I realized that good nutrition coupled with exercise may help you get the look you want as well as promote overall wellness. I told Baltimore’s CBS news viewers that eating healthier may be as simple as making a few food swaps. For example saying goodbye to trans fats and hello to Malaysian sustainable palm oil.

Out for breakfast before coming to the set, I saw a family using buttery spread made with partially hydrogenated oils. This contains harmful trans fats. We need to get rid of this stuff! It’s killing our country. Swap it out with a healthier spread made with Malaysian sustainable palm oil. This is nature’s gift to us. Malaysian palm oil is naturally trans fat-free and rich in vitamin E which supports brain health. It also helps guard against stroke damage. And, it’s delicious. I love to mix it into my family’s brown rice or drizzle it across some tilapia.

I brought an artery model to the set to demonstrate how trans fat impacts our health. Trans fat raises your ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and lowers your ‘good’ cholesterol. This increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. LDL is the material that helps form the cholesterol plaques which may clog our arteries. I suggest families start encouraging healthy food choices early in life. Poor lifestyle choices in childhood may lay the groundwork for a lifetime of health concerns. My suggestion is to throw out any trans fats-containing foods in your home. Read labels for healthier options, such as non-GMO Malaysian sustainable palm oil.

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Another healthy swap I recommend is switching out high-calorie, high-fat cookies with my peanut butter balls, which I feature in my book. You’re not only saving calories, you are also boosting your metabolism because they feature thermogenic ingredients. This may help you achieve better health and reach your weight-loss goals.

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