Menopause is called the Change of Life. But does it mean you should also change your diet? Women going through menopause often think they should avoid dietary fat for fear of weight gain and increasing their risk of heart disease. But good fats are beneficial for menopausal symptoms. Appearing on Canada’s CityTV, Registered Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky told City TV viewers that good fats such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil are good for heart and brain health. If you’re going through menopause, don’t be lured by low-fat foods. In many cases, the fat is replaced with sugar which causes blood sugar issues which wreak havoc inside our bodies. The right fats can be your friend as your body changes.

Dairy fats and palm oil go together. Donsky provided a good trick if you’re using really good (but pricey) grass-fed butter: “Lay down a little palm oil first, then add the butter. It will help protect against that burned butter taste.”

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