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Hungry after school? Healthy snack recipe shared on CBS News

Kids work and play hard all day. It’s no wonder they are hungry after school. When I appeared on San Antonio’s CBS News, I shared a healthy snack that is great for the kids and everyone else in the family. My blissful Peanut Butter Balls contain only a few ingredients, but they may satisfy that big after-school appetite. One of these ingredients also supports your little one’s desire to help animals. By purchasing sustainably produced Malaysian palm oil, you’re helping orangutans, elephants, macaques and other Malaysian wildlife.

Often times, what we perceive as hunger is actually thirst. So make sure everyone in your family has a water bottle and stays hydrated throughout the day. You’ll also want to make sure your kids are eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and staying away from unhealthy prepackaged snacks. I like to say: Eat from the earth.

My peanut butter balls recipe can help kids and parents satisfy their appetite as well as squelch that sweet tooth which gets so many people in trouble. It’s an easy healthy swap which the whole family will love.

Lisa Lynn’s Peanut Butter Bliss Balls
1 cup of natural peanut butter
2 tablespoons of protein powder
1 tablespoon of Malaysian sustainable palm oil
2 teaspoons powdered soluble fiber supplement
¼ cup honey

Mix together in a large bowl. Form mixture into one-inch balls. Freeze for 20 minutes before eating.

Non-GMO Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a wholesome food rich with vitamin E tocotrienols. It’s great for kids because it supports brain health. And kids love it because it has a creamy texture and imparts no off flavors to food. The Malaysian palm oil industry is also phenomenal when it comes to protecting Mother Earth and caring for wildlife. They helped create the educational materials for Malaysia’s Tabin Wildlife Reserve. This protected land, twice the size of Singapore, is home to pygmy elephants, clouded leopards and seven primate species.

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