When it comes to protecting your skin, there is more you can do than just staying out of the sun. I told viewers of ABC‘s Local Memphis Live to also look for Malaysian palm oil-derived tocotrienol supplements. Research has shown that this super potent form of vitamin E helps protect skin from oxidative stress. It is a natural way to fight UV damage and support your skin’s health from within.

The sun’s UV rays accelerate aging, and may cause skin breakdown and wrinkling. Tocotrienols are strong antioxidants which support skin health by fighting the free radicals which can cause fine lines and other damage. Tocotrienols are found in several foods, but palm oil is nature’s richest source. I suggest looking for supplements made from Malaysian sustainable palm oil.

In addition to promoting skin health, research has shown that Malaysian palm oil-derived tocotrienols are also good for the brain and the heart. A National Institute of Health study has indicated that tocotrienols help reduce cerebral damage that can occur after a stroke. Other research has shown how it helps maintain healthy arteries.

Nutrient-rich Malaysian palm oil is sustainably produced in this environmentally friendly country. A prolific crop, fresh fruit bunches are harvested from the lush, green oil palm trees every three months for nearly 30 years. The Malaysian palm oil industry is also a strong supporter of wildlife conservation programs in the Southeast Asian country, including the world’s first Bornean Elephant Sanctuary and the Sun Bear Conservation Center.

In addition to tocotrienol supplements, you can find Malaysian sustainable palm oil in other health and beauty products, as well as in food products such as Carotino and Smart Balance peanut butter. You can feel good when you see palm oil on the label, because it’s a nutritious ingredient that gives back to our planet.

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