You’ve probably been reading and hearing about the keto diet. FOX News viewers in Las Vegas learned why this popular, celebrity-touted diet is great for weight loss and how high-fat food can help them achieve their nutrition goals. Chef Gerard Viverito joined the show and told of his personal success (he’s lost 36 pounds eating keto!). He also shared his fried chicken keto recipe featuring better-for-you Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

What exactly is the keto diet? More Access host Sean McAllister explained, “The keto diet is a high fat, low carb diet.” Your body needs energy, and instead of burning carbs, the keto diet tricks your body into burning unwanted fat for energy. Fat is power that’s just sitting on your body around your hips, around your butt, around your waist waiting to be used.

Chef Gerard showed viewers one of his typical keto meals: tomato salad, crispy fried chicken and slaw. While demonstrating how to make the simple fried chicken, Chef Gerard emphasized that when you’re eating a high-fat diet, it matters what fats you use for cooking because some can be highly inflammatory. Some unhealthy fats include corn oil and sunflower oil, he said. Olive oil is a great choice for cold food, but it becomes carcinogenic if overheated. So, for high-temperature cooking and frying he uses Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

Chef Gerard prefers Malaysian palm oil because it’s good for the planet 50 percent of the country’s land is dedicated to sustainability and it offers loads of other health benefits. Red palm oil is filled with vitamin A and vitamin E tocotrienols that support heart and brain health.

Despite knowing that high fat is the keto way, host Rachel Smith was still surprised to see Chef Gerard bread his chicken with pork rinds. But, he explained, they’re loaded with protein. “Just smell that. That’s heaven,” Chef Gerard said describing the finished product.

If a diet including fried chicken or other healthy fats sounds like a win to you, check out recipes featuring Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.


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