Malaysian palm oil

Chef uses Malaysian palm oil to make a quick meal for TV news anchor

If you’ve ever wanted to take your meals to the next (healthy) level, but have no time for elaborate, time-consuming dishes, this Good Morning San Diego news interview is for you. Chef Gerard Viverito is the co-founder of and collaborated with 16 Southeast Asian chefs for the Back to Basics cookbook. He prepared a delicious meal in less than 10 minutes, and shared his secret ingredient – Malaysian palm oil – with the show’s anchor.

Chef G.’s ingredients included: King salmon, luté sauce, ginger, shallot, garlic, lemongrass, cilantro, miso and Malaysian red palm fruit oil. He then explained each ingredient’s healthful properties. For example, lemongrass may help to reduce cholesterol, ginger is an antioxidant, and cilantro may help normalize blood sugar levels.

He lit up when he began talking about Malaysian palm oil. “I do education for our nonprofit [PassionFish] and I go around the world helping people source products for sustainability. That’s how I discovered [Malaysian palm oil].”

Chef G. reached for the bottle of Malaysian red palm fruit oil. “You see the red color? This is from a palm fruit.” He explained that red palm oil has vitamins A and E (tocotrienols), and supports liver and brain health. He also encouraged people to buy their palm oil from Malaysia, explaining “They’re the only people who sustainably farm the palm fruit.”

There are even more simple recipes in the Back to Basics cookbook, now available on Amazon. Each recipe uses Malaysian palm fruit oil as an ingredient. “All the proceeds from this book are going to benefit the rainforest [in Malaysia] … the locals … the farmers [and] the animals.” Each meal is simple, quick to prepare, and as delicious as it is healthy. As an added benefit, Malaysian red palm fruit oil has a high smoke point, meaning that it “doesn’t turn acrid [and] doesn’t get really a burnt flavor … in five, 10 minutes, you can make a quick meal that’s really nutritious, benefits the planet, [and] benefits your health.”

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