MEDIA BUZZ: The healthy truth about saturated fats, such as those found in Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, is coming out in more and more media interviews. One such interview aired on Detroit’s WJR Radio, in which certified nutritionist, naturopathic physician and tropical oil expert Bruce Fife explained how the once-controversial saturated fats are actually the kind that should be consumed. Host Vanessa Denha Garmo was so intrigued about the subject that the interview lasted nearly 20 minutes!

Fife explained to Garmo that even he used to be fooled by saturated fats, thinking that they were to be avoided. But as he put it in the WJR interview, “What I had learned before was wrong, and I was so surprised about the information I was finding that it led me to write my first book regarding tropical oils. ‘That led on to ‘The Palm Oil Miracle’.”

Garmo immediately wanted to know more about palm oil. “The great thing about palm oil is that it’s loaded with all types of nutrients and vitamins,” Fife said. “For example, it’s a very rich source of beta-carotene … vitamin K and vitamin E. It’s got about 20 different carotenoids in it. It has a whole spectrum of vitamin E.” This abundance of vitamin E – including tocotrienols – is linked to everything from protecting your brain from stroke damage to heart and eye health.

Interviews such as this are teaching people that palm oil should be included in their everyday diets. More media outlets are realizing that naturally trans fat-free Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is actually a healthy way to absorb much-needed nutrients rather than something to be avoided. Not only that, but these interviews are exciting reporters about palm oil’s health benefits, as evidenced here when Garmo asked mid-interview where she could get some!

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