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Naturopathic doctor describes Vitamin E differences on Sacramento TV

During her interview on KQCA M58, Dr. Beverly Yates helped to demystify the vitamin aisle, and explained why you might want to consider getting your vitamin E and beta carotene from Malaysian red palm oil. “Supplements can help build you up when you might be a little weak,” Yates said, commenting on this winter’s particularly harsh weather conditions. She recommended vitamin A supplements, which support vision and skin, but cautioned viewers against taking an overly high dosage. “It’s best to look for supplements that contain beta carotene, which is what your body uses to convert to vitamin A,” she advised. “Then you can’t possibly have a problem with toxicity.” Beta carotene and tocotrienols, one of the eight forms of vitamin E, are found abundantly in Malaysian red palm oil. Yates explained that these tocotrienols, which are also found in supplement form, are very helpful in case of heart disease. Research suggests that tocotrienols may be helpful for protecting the brain against stroke damage and speeding recovery. Yates also suggested cooking with Malaysian red palm oil because “it’s wonderfully nutritious and you won’t get into any sort of toxicity issues.”

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