Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS is often called the ‘Nutrition Myth Buster’ because he uses his vast academic and practical knowledge to shine light on many of today’s misleading dietary trends. When he discussed ways to beat fall fatigue on Sacramento’s ABC 10 Morning News, he pointed his spotlight on fats. He stressed consuming foods closer to how they are found in nature. We were pleased when he called for replacing artificially hydrogenated oils with natural Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

Bowden explained that the foods you eat affect how you feel and how your skin looks. “The first thing you want to take out of your diet is trans fats,” explained Bowden. “We blamed saturated fat for so long, but we really missed the boat on trans fat, which is really doing the damage.” For many years saturated fat was mistakenly linked to heart disease. Research now shows that there is no correlation between the two. There is, however, evidence which links trans fat consumption with increased cardiovascular disease risk.

When saturated fats fell out of favor, many manufacturers began using an industrial process called hydrogenation to make unsaturated oils act more like a saturated fat. “I suggest getting rid of all hydrogenated oils,” said Bowden. “Read food labels to find out if an item contains hydrogenated oils. And start using some of the healthier saturated fats,” encouraged Bowden.  “This is my new discovery, Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. See how red it is? That’s from all of the carotenoids and tocotrienols it contains. This is good for the brain and good for the heart.” Unlike other commonly used vegetable oils such as soybean and canola, red palm oil is naturally rich in nutrients. It contains 30 times more carotenoids than tomatoes, and is nature’s richest source of vitamin E tocotrienols.

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Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is versatile, non-GMO and doesn’t require hydrogenation. Most of the United State’s palm oil is responsibly sourced from Malaysia. The wholesome oil comes from oil palm tree’s fruit via a process similar to olive oil production. “So start using good healthy oils such as Malaysian palm oil, which is sustainable,” said Bowden. “It’s great stuff. It’s real food.”


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