Canada’s Breakfast Television audience was treated to quite a special report when Dr. Bryce Wylde made an appearance on the show. In January 2013, Wylde created quite a stir among environmentalists when he appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss the many health benefits of red palm fruit oil. After fielding calls from citizens and organizations – including Green Peace and Dr. Jane Goodall – concerned about habitat deforestation, Wylde decided to travel to the Malaysian jungles to see for himself what was happening to the land and its orangutan population.

“While deforestation is a problem in certain parts of the world, this is a good news story,” reports Wylde. “Malaysia is producing very sustainable, eco-friendly palm oil,” he verified, adding that he can’t speak to the sustainability of palm oil production in other nations.

Wylde remains excited about palm fruit oil, and the vitamin E tocotrienols derived from it, in great part because of their benefits to the heart and brain. “The type of vitamin E matters,” he states, explaining that this is the antioxidant you want to take if you are concerned about everything from dementia to cancer.

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