MEDIA BUZZ: Media outlets are starting to correct long-held nutritional myths. Registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler is helping these news organizations by giving clear, factual nutritional information to their audiences. Stoler was recently featured on Baltimore’s National Public Radio affiliate WEAA’s Keep It Moving show. The author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes explained why it’s time to embrace healthy fats, such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil.

“We blame our genes for why there’s an obesity problem in this world,” Stoler told host Marsha Jews. “The truth is, a generation ago, there was not an obesity problem. Therefore, there has to be something about our environment that is creating that.”

As she has in similar media interviews, Stoler noted that demonizing the wrong foods, such as healthy fats, is a problem. Specifically, saturated fats have received unjust criticism, when research has found that they are dietary necessities.

Stoler used Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil as an example. “Embrace better-for-you fats,” she advised. “Specifically, Malaysian sustainable palm oil is being used to replace unhealthy trans fats in a lot of packaged foods.”

Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil’s healthy qualities have made it a favorite of Stoler, and many other nutritionists and health experts. “What’s really interesting about red palm oil is it’s loaded with beta-carotene,” Stoler told Jews. “It’s also got something called tocotrienols, which are very potent forms of vitamin E that are neuro-protective in case of stroke. There’s research being done with high levels of tocotrienols, and looking at its impact on brain health. We all need our brains to get through the day, so I think that’s really important.”

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