Any time I get to talk about sustainable foods, such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, with the media is great. After all, one of my professional goals is to help raise people’s conscientiousness about their food decisions. That’s why I was so excited to share my knowledge on the subject with the magazine Green Living AZ when they asked me about eating sustainably.

One of the most common sustainable eating tips I give reporters and news outlets is to use a better cooking oil. It’s my goal to educate America’s next generation of chefs and home cooks about why Malaysian palm oil is so great. And now that the media is asking more, smarter questions about healthy fats and why they are necessary in the diet, there are more opportunities, such as the interview I did with Green Living AZ, for me to share my palm oil passion with audiences.

I told readers that it doesn’t make sense to buy healthy, sustainable foods and then cook them with oils made from genetically modified plants. Instead, use buttery Malaysian palm oil, which is natural and sustainably produced. Because it is heat stable, it can be used for grilling, baking and frying without burning.

It was important for me to mention Malaysian palm oil specifically. Having spent six months in Asia in 2010, I got a true hands-on culinary experience in Malaysia. I deeply appreciate the country’s strict environmental standards, and I always push to share that appreciation with U.S. audiences. This interview was a perfect way for me to do that.

Media opportunities such as this one are important to my mission of teaching Americans sustainable eating habits. As I said in this article, if we keep growing and eating at unsustainable rates, we will eventually run out of some food items. Using products such as non-GMO Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil can help shift these eating habits in a more sustainable direction.

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