In the world of nutrition, it seems we’re always hearing about a new diet du jour. One that encourages you eat food high in fat might not seem like a path to successful weight loss. But nutrition expert Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS told FOX News viewers in Cleveland why the high-fat keto diet works, and why better-for-you fats such as Malaysian palm oil are good choices for keto diet followers.

Your body can store a maximum of 1800 to 2000 calories worth of carbs. But you can store an infinite amount of calories as fat. Many people are sugar burners: They’re much better at burning sugar than they are at fat. The body gets used to using what you primarily feed it, so it gets good at using sugar and bad at using fat. Burning mostly sugar doesn’t help with weight loss.

“You want to be a better butter burner,” Bowden has previously explained. “You want to be really good at accessing and using what’s in your fat calorie ATM. When you stop eating sugar completely, eventually you’ll use up those 2,000 calories you have stored. When there’s no glucose around, your body has to switch fuel sources and begin using fat calories for fuel.”

It is also important to be discriminating about the type of fats you eat. One easy, everyday diet change that Bowden suggested is to stop cooking with oils such as corn and soy bean, and switch to Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, which has no trans fats. “Over 500,000 people a year are killed by trans fats,” Bowden said. Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil also is great for cooking because it stands up to heat, is cholesterol and flavor neutral, and its production doesn’t harm the environment.  

Bowden told the Fox News hosts, “I have been promoting high-fat diets since before keto was popular. We need to try to rehabilitate the reputation of these good fats that we have taken out of our diet and replaced with processed food made with refined sugars and flours. When you’re on the keto diet, you’re not counting calories but eating real food that you were naturally meant to eat.”

Bowden said the four food groups you should focus on are made up of things you can:

  • Hunt
  • Fish
  • Gather
  • Pluck

The host pointed out that some people say it’s hard to stick with this diet. But Bowden said you can flirt with keto and still get its benefits. “You don’t have to be obsessive about being on keto all the time,” he said. If you get more of the wrong food out of your diet and more of the right food in, you’ll be close enough to see positive effects. Other keto advocates flirt with this diet by following it for a few weeks a few times a year, using it to hit reset on their metabolism and jumpstart weight loss. Even a keto cleanse following the diet for just a few days is a good option if going all out is too demanding.  

To start adding more healthy fat to your diet, find Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil at an ethnic food store.


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