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Health expert tells Canadian viewers to choose a healthy cooking oil

This year, go ahead and enjoy the tasty food at holiday events. Health expert, holistic pharmacist and best-selling author Sherry Torkos advised Canada’s Global TV viewers how to make that possible with healthier choices, including cooking with sustainable Malaysian palm oil. Torkos explained that this healthy cooking oil is good for the brain and the heart.

In this time of holiday parties and abundant snacks, it makes sense to look for healthier alternatives. “Nobody wants to be on a diet or feel deprived but the reality is that as we approach the holiday, heart attacks spike,” Torkos said. “In fact, December 25 has the highest amount of heart attack deaths compared to any other day of the year. So we want to be smart, make healthier choices not deprive ourselves.”

Torkos brought a meal of samosas, roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts to the set that were prepared with Malaysian palm oil, a healthier alternative to other cooking oils. “It is a very rich source of something called tocotrienols, which are a super potent form of vitamin E, which are good for your heart, good for your brain. In fact, the National Institutes of Health funded some research showing that the tocotrienols in the Malaysian palm fruit oil can actually help reduce the damage that occurs after a stroke.”

There’s another smart reason for choosing Malaysian palm oil. “This is sustainable which is really important when you are choosing a tropical palm fruit oil,” said Torkos. This nutritious alternative can be found at many international grocery stores.

“Another great feature with this is it is heat stable, so you can actually fry your samosas, roast it in the oven, you can sauté, pan fry so this is a great oil,” Torkos added. “It has a positive effect on cholesterol, and again all those vitamin E tocotrienols, great for the brain, great for the heart.”

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