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National health TV show segment highlights why healthy oils may combat winter weight gain

When the temperature dips, you may need more vitamin-rich healthy oils, such as Malaysian red palm oil, in your diet. In a nationally syndicated Better Show segment on winter weight gain, registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler explained, “We want to get better foods in our bodies and balance out the nutrients that we have.” Stoler reminded the audience to get enough vitamins A and C during these frigid months. Prior to the show, she roasted vitamin C-rich acorn and butternut squashes in Malaysian red palm oil, a great source of vitamin A. Stoler explained why she prefers cooking with Malaysian palm fruit oil: “It’s got a neutral flavor profile, but also, you can see from the color of it, it’s loaded with beta carotene, which is also a very important antioxidant … If I put olive oil on this, it would ruin the natural flavor of the food.”

Felicia Stoler is a member of Media Relations Inc.’s panel of highly respected third-party experts. She is compensated to express her own professional opinions, through the media, about certain products.

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