Many of today’s supermarkets are huge, with thousands of choices. If you’re trying to be health conscious, it can be difficult to know what to put in your cart, and what to leave on the shelf. When I appeared on ABC’s Good Day Kentucky, I explained why choosing healthy fats and avoiding trans fats can benefit your well-being. When you eat healthy fats such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil, its nutrients support your brain, skin and heart health. On the other hand, eating trans fats increases your cardiovascular disease risk. While this may seem like an easy choice, deceptive food package labeling may make it difficult to determine how healthy a product really is.

Avoid unhealthy trans fats

Trans fats are the byproduct of industrial hydrogenation, a process which makes a liquid oil act more like a solid. Soybean and canola are two commonly hydrogenated oils. Unfortunately, trans fat consumption increases our blood cholesterol level which raises our heart disease risk, the number one killer in this country. Food manufacturers have until June 2018 to remove partially hydrogenated oils from our food supply. Until then, savvy shoppers need to read labels carefully to avoid this harmful ingredient. Read ingredient labels when shopping. Avoid products which contain hydrogenated oils. Unlike other oils, in most cases palm oil doesn’t need to be hydrogenated to achieve the desired consistency. Don’t rely on “zero trans fat” label on the package. Companies can make this claim even if a product contains up to 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving. Be aware that small amounts can add up over time.

Eat healthy fats

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Malaysian sustainable palm oil provides nutrients vital for skin, brain and heart health. Most of the United States’ palm oil is responsibly sourced from Malaysia. A better-for-you replacement for hydrogenated oils is Malaysian sustainable palm oil. This healthy fat is naturally trans fat free and rich in tocotrienols, a potent form of vitamin E. This progressive country uses sustainable practices which protects the environment and are fair to farmers.

Olive oil is another healthy fat which is especially good for salad dressings or drizzling over bread. Unfortunately, it degrades at high temperatures — its smoke point is just 380°. When frying or sautéing, Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a better choice.

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