ExcelVite, the world’s leading producer of palm phytonutrients and palm methyl ester, obtained the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Certification Standard (MSPO SCCS) certification on June 14, 2019 after an extensive audit by the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia.

Implementation of MSPO SCCS is mandatory for all palm oil processing facilities, and the Malaysian government has imposed an implementation deadline of January 1, 2020, to be in line with the government’s commitment to produce  100 percent certified sustainable palm oil by year’s end. 

The certification process for MSPO SCCS is under the purview of the Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council, which is an independent non-profit organization established in December 2014 to develop and operate the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) certification scheme.  

This certification is an important development in ExcelVite’s Sustainability Initiative as it underscores its commitment toward ensuring that the entire value chain and production of palm oil is sustainable.

As part of its commitment to promote the adoption of certified sustainable palm oil, ExcelVite has also recently signed an official memorandum of understanding with WWF-Malaysia to assist oil palm smallholders involved in their supply chain to achieve Certified Sustainable Palm Oil certification. The palm fruit produced by these certified smallholders will eventually be used in the production of all ExcelVite’s palm-based products.

“We are proud to have become one of the early adopters of the MSPO SCCS in Malaysia. As a Supply Chain Certificate holder, we are committed to implement all the elements and criteria as stipulated in the MSPO SCCS protocol and it is encouraging to learn that our effort in implementing the MSPO SCCS has been positively affirmed,” said ExcelVite QA Manager YT Chan.  

“I am delighted that we achieved another milestone in our Sustainability Initiative by being MSPO SCCS-certified,” added ExcelVite CEO WH Leong. “Our incoming feedstocks are certified sustainable from these plantations and smallholders. These are the groups that we need to pay attention to and assist when it comes to sustainability. I am really proud that the team is able to accomplish these achievements. With this MSPO SCCS certification, our customers can be further assured that ExcelVite can deliver palm phytonutrients products in a sustainable manner and supporting these smallholders.” 

“The market has a negative perception on oil palm. The fact is that the palm oil itself and the small holders are innocent and caught in between. People with certain agenda are behind this issue. My hope is that this MSPO SCCS certification and our sustainability initiative will bring forth the realization that not all oil palm or palm phytonutrient is created equal,” said ExcelVite Business Development Manager Bryan See.

ExcelVite is now granted the use of the MSPO SCCS logo on its product label and packaging. 

Companies should look for the MSPO SCCS logo to identify palm phytonutrient products that have been certified sustainable.