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Mom who grew up eating palm oil encourages others to use it

Rozelyn grew up eating palm oil. And she writes on her website, The Frugalista Mom’s Allergy Friendly Home, there are many reasons why she still uses it and is encouraging others to try it. In addition to palm oil being nutritious and heat stable, she appreciates the oil palm’s 20- to 30-year productivity.

About Malaysia’s palm oil industry, she writes: “From the land where the palm trees are planted, to the water supply, use of pesticides, milling and refinery, there are laws that ensure the well being of the environment.”

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One Response to Mom who grew up eating palm oil encourages others to use it

  1. Heather Pearson May 4, 2019 at 8:36 am #

    It’s getting far too much negative criticism in the media (in my view) by over-emotive anti-palm oil ppl who don’t want the rainforest developed at all, or any orangutan apes disturbed!! 🙂
    They’re failing to understand all the health & economic benefits #palmoil is bringing to everyone. I’m as palm oil supportive as I can be anyway as an British woman who is very grateful for all palm oil’s multiple uses around the home! 🙂

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