If you are trying to lose weight, it is okay to indulge in a treat once in awhile. People are often surprised to hear a nutrition expert say this, but it’s true. I suggest that you eat clean 80 percent of the time. This leaves 20 percent of your foods for those higher calorie “cheats”. When I appeared on New 12 New Jersey’s 12 to Your Health, I explained how to eat healthy fats and still lose weight. Malaysian sustainable palm oil, for example, is nutritious oil that can help boost your metabolism.

Nuts and avocados are healthy fats. They contain nutrients which are good for your skin, brain and heart. Unfortunately, many people overeat these foods. A serving size of nuts is just ounce, or a small handful. There are four to eight servings in an avocado. While these foods are rich in essential nutrients, you can’t eat handfuls of nuts or an entire avocado and lose weight. These are high-calorie foods which need to be eaten in moderation. People also tend to overeat cheese. The serving size of a low-fat, hard cheese is equivalent in size to six dice.

I recommend staying away from these fats and switching to Malaysian sustainable palm oil. This healthy fat is trans fat-free. It’s also rich in vitamin E tocotrienols which support skin and brain health. Be sure to select sustainably produced palm oil – I suggest Malaysian palm oil – to care for our environment. Unlike some other oils, palm oil doesn’t degrade into harmful chemicals when exposed to high heat. It also tastes delicious.

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It isn’t just fats that people tend to overconsume. Some people are also eating excessive amounts of chicken. Try switching to fish. When you’re trying to lose weight, choosing fish instead of chicken will save you calories, as well as boost your metabolism. To add more nutrients, I often drizzle some Malaysian sustainable palm oil over my white fish.