Nutrition expert appears on Colorado TV news to discuss foods that boost brain power

Nationally known nutritionist Dr. Felicia Stoler said in a recent TV news interview that Malaysian red palm fruit oil is among the foods we should be eating to help out our brain. Appearing CW-affiliate Colorado’s Own 2, Stoler explained how the tocotrienols in Malaysian red palm fruit oil may benefit our bodies, including helping to protect the brain from stroke and possibly minimizing stroke damage. A form of vitamin E, tocotrienols from Malaysian red palm fruit oil are also found in several products such as Nutella, Smart Balance and Luna Bars. Malaysian palm fruit oil is naturally trans fat-free, which is why Stoler predicts that we might start seeing this sustainable oil used in even more finished products. Malaysian palm fruit oil is available in ethnic markets and Whole Foods.

Felicia Stoler is a member of Media Relations Inc.’s panel of highly respected third-party experts. She is compensated to express her own professional opinions, through the media, about certain products.

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