We all have to eat, so why not make the most of every bite? When I was a guest on One Life Radio I told their listeners about five foods which pack a nutritious punch. While many people are familiar with nutrient-dense foods such as kale, dark chocolate and quinoa, I find fewer understand palm oil’s health benefits of. Or worse, they get this healthy fat confused with palm kernel oil. Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a superfood because it has a heart-healthy fatty acid composition and it’s rich in essential nutrients. Thankfully, manufacturers are turning to this better-for-us fat to replace harmful trans fats.

Oil palm trees produce bountiful quantities of fresh fruit bunches. Palm oil comes from this fruit’s flesh, unlike palm kernel oil which comes from the fruit’s seed. Palm oil has a balanced ratio of unsaturated to saturated fatty acids. This unique composition supports healthy blood cholesterol levels.

Malaysian sustainable palm oil is already being used in many products. It’s included in Smart Balance’s proprietary heart-healthy oil blend. It’s also being used to replace partially hydrogenated oils and their unhealthy trans fats in many processed foods. Because of its consistent texture, resistance to spoilage and neutral flavor, it can be easily substituted for butter. And unlike other commonly used oils, Malaysian sustainable palm oil is loaded with nutrients. It is nature’s richest source of skin- and heart-healthy vitamin E tocotrienols. Red palm oil has much more beta carotene, the precursor to vitamin A, than carrots and tomatoes.

While I can’t speak to other countries, palm oil is sustainably grown and produced in Malaysia. The Malaysian palm oil industry is a worldwide model for sustainable agriculture. Per acre of land, its oil palm plantations produce ten times more oil than other oil crops such as canola or soybean. And there is no need for harsh chemical processing. They just squeeze the non-GMO oil out of the fruit.

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