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Palm oil praised for beauty benefits in Arizona TV interview

Stress and fatigue can have you looking like a zombie: dragging your feet, dull skin, unkempt hair and an appetite for strange snacks. 12 News EVB Live’s viewers recently learned that palm oil can counter some of these beauty concerns from best-selling nutrition author Dr. Felicia Stoler. She has been interviewed many times about Malaysian palm oil’s health benefits, but this time Stoler took a more topical approach.

“I think it’s really important to find not only good products that you can eat and consume from the inside out, but things that you can put topically on top of your skin to give you that glow and help your skin look a little bit brighter,” Stoler said.

To revitalize her hair, Stoler puts some Malaysian palm oil on her hands and works it through her locks, from roots to tip. “I take some Saran wrap and I put that around my head and, just like they do in the beauty parlor, I put a little heat from the blow dryer on low … I don’t want the Saran wrap clinging to my head like I’m shrink wrapping a gift,” Stoler joked. Low heat, however, helps the palm fruit oil sink into your hair. After about 10 minutes, you simply unwrap yourself and wash the oil out with shampoo.

Malaysian red palm oil also has properties that support skin health from the inside: the powerful antioxidants tocotrienols and beta carotene. Beauty insiders recognize vitamin E tocotrienols for their skin health benefits. A form of vitamin E, tocotrienols may delay skin cell aging by reducing oxidative stress that causes telomere shortening. A study by Dr. Michiaki Murakoshi demonstrated that beta carotene (found in greater amounts in red palm fruit oil than in carrots) may help to minimize the sun’s UV damage to skin. In this same study, participants agreed that the healthiest-looking skin is that of people with heightened carotenoids intake rather than either natural or tanned skin.

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Felicia Stoler is a member of Media Relations Inc.’s panel of highly respected third-party experts. She is compensated to express her own professional opinions, through the media, about certain products.

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