This post was originally published on July 24, 2018 and updated on October 28, 2020.

Many men experience thinning hair and dwindling energy as they age. But according to health expert Jonny Bowden, you don’t have to continue on that “downward spiral.”  Simple changes may help you look and feel your best as you age. In an Alternative Medicine magazine article, “The Nutrition Myth Buster” reported that major companies are launching hair-growth supplements made from tocotrienols, potent nutrients derived from Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

Research has shown that tocotrienols help hair follicles regenerate. “Scientists speculate that the tocotrienols, a lesser known form of vitamin E, may help enrich the skin’s stem cells,” wrote Bowden. The tocotrienols in the study were derived from Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. Red palm oil is a nature’s richest source of this promising nutrient.

Tocotrienols have 40 to 60 times more antioxidant power than the more common vitamin E form, tocopherols. This potency is one reason why scientists around the world are studying tocotrienols for their impact on skin, brain and eye health.

Most multivitamins and supplements only contain tocopherols because they are much more common and therefore inexpensive to obtain. Tocopherols are naturally found in nuts and seeds.

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