CW News viewers in Los Angeles learned a startling statistic: 65,000 Americans each month will experience a stroke. But nutrition expert Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS knows there may be a way to reduce damage and improve recovery after a stroke. Having vitamin E tocotrienols in your bloodstream may help protect the area of the brain most often affected by stroke. Bowden told viewers that Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is nature’s richest source of this healthy nutrient, and as an added benefit, he said its great taste makes cooking with palm oil an easy way to add tocotrienols to your diet.

“The research shows very clearly that people who have the most of this component of vitamin E in their blood suffer considerably less damage after a stroke,” Bowden told the KTLA News hosts. But he explained that tocotrienols often aren’t found in vitamin E supplements and can be hard to get from food. The richest source is red palm oil, he said.

The hosts worried that palm oil was unhealthy to cook with, but Bowden excitedly said, “No, it’s the bomb!” He explained that Malaysian palm oil is red because it’s filled with beta-carotene even more than tomatoes or carrots an antioxidant that helps to strengthen the body’s immune system and is associated with reduced risks of other health problems.

Bowden said the health benefits and taste are the two reasons he loves cooking with palm oil. In fact, he bragged about the popcorn he makes. “It’s amazing, I should have brought you some,” he told the hosts. Palm oil is trans-fat free and ideal for high-temperature cooking.

Another reason Bowden specifically favors Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is because of the Malaysian palm oil industry’s commitment to sustainable production and wildlife conservation.

If you would like to add this healthy oil to your pantry, find it at your local ethnic food store.

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