The popularity of Malaysian cuisine, which has been steadily growing the last five years, shows no sign of slowing. Bon Appétit and the New York Times are among major news outlets praising this flavor-rich Southeast Asian cuisine. And now, American Public Television has launched a 13-episode series, Taste of Malaysia with Martin Yan. The chef extraordinaire and popular television host will take viewers on a culinary journey through Malaysia’s tri-cultural landscape that combines Malay, Chinese and Indian traditions.

Yan will show off a wide variety of dishes while visiting areas such as mountain-top villages, the picturesque South China Sea and street food vendors in historical Penang. Yan’s show comes at a time foodies and savvy travelers are showing great interest in Malaysian food and the country as a whole. In fact, Lonely Planet ranked eating curry laksa in Kuala Lumpur as the world’s second-best food experience. Also, ingredients typical in Malaysian cuisine palm oil and sambal are gaining in popularity in the United States. Sambal, a chunky hot sauce made from chiles, vinegar and spices, may just be the new sriracha.

Malaysian cuisine typically combines spices such as turmeric, cumin, chiles, cardamom and coriander, while cooking with nutrient-rich Malaysian red palm oil. Yan’s show is sure to show off the beauty of Malaysia’s beaches and rainforests, which the country goes to great lengths to protect while producing nearly half of the world’s certified sustainable palm oil. Malaysia has even developed its own stringent certification in compliance with international standards.

Taste of Malaysia launch party

Malaysian Hon. Minister Teresa Kok was a guest of honor at the Taste of Malaysia launch party in San Francisco. During her visit, Minister Kok hoped to teach more about her department’s commitment to sustainable development and biodiversity in Malaysia. Food manufacturers are using more Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil because it’s guaranteed to be pure, wholesome and responsibly produced.  

If you’re interested in exploring this beautiful country and bringing this trending cuisine into your home, watching Taste of Malaysia with Martin Yan on APT is a great place to get started. Then head to your local ethnic food store for sambal and Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

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