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The right vitamin E may help NBC news viewers lose weight

It’s time to address the two least flattering summer accessories: beer bellies and muffin tops. Fitness guru and The Metabolism Solution author Lisa Lynn, who also spent years as Martha Stewart’s personal trainer, knows exactly which simple changes to your daily habits can help you shed those last pounds, and how to identify health and diet myths. Lynn joined NBC Connecticut News’ host to help viewers reach their weight loss goals. Understanding the difference between various fats and choosing vitamin E-rich Malaysian red palm fruit oil are two of her secrets.

“I’m holding five pounds of fat and I’m going to show you how to get rid of this fast,” Lynn began, holding up a large, flesh-colored mass. She says that thinking you can use all types of fat interchangeably is a huge mistake that thwarts weight loss.

“[You want to eat] fats with a function so that they burn fat,” Lynn clarified. “Not all fats are created equal when it comes to weight loss and everybody thinks they are.” She ticked off fats that people may consume regularly, but should actually avoid. “Peanut butter? Not. [Are] all of those fancy gourmet fats good for you? Not.”

The fat that Lynn chose for its healthy properties is easily identifiable by its brilliant orange-red hue. “Malaysian palm fruit oil [is] absolutely delicious … You can get this at the health food store. Google it and look for stores. [It’s] nature’s richest source of vitamin E [tocotrienols].” Lynn added it that palm fruit oil’s vitamin E tocotrienol content has incredible brain-health benefits, including helping to protect it against stroke damage. “[It’s] absolutely delicious over the recipes in my book … I can get my kids to eat things like vegetables and white fish.”

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Many people have heard about tocopherols; these are the most common form of vitamin E and are found in everything from skin care products to supplements. However, tocotrienols are found most abundantly in palm oil and have different health benefits from tocopherols. Along with supporting brain health, they may help other organs including the skin, liver and heart.

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