After posting our own chef-inspired recipes featuring Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, we challenged several top influencers to put this versatile, nutrient-rich, heart-healthy ingredient to the test in their own kitchens. They got to work, and their sweet and savory results are making us hungry! 

Influencer Ling decided to create a recipe for her new outdoor grill. Her Malaysian Chicken Satay looks juicy and flavorful. “It was also my first time cooking with Malaysian palm oil,” she told her followers. “It’s rich in vitamins A & E, (has) less saturated than butter, and has no trans fats. It also has a high smoke point, which makes it easier to grill & cook with.”

Another influencer who chose to feed her grilling obsession was Keerthana Arcot Vinod. In her post showcasing her Malaysian Grilled Vegetable Stew, she also educated her followers about palm oil’s sustainability. “While most of the oil producing crops require deforestation, Malaysian Palm oil comes from trees and takes up to 10 times less land to produce!”

But Vinod wasn’t done experimenting with Malaysian palm oil. She devoted two more posts to her family’s newest favorite snack: popcorn made with Malaysian palm oil. “Palm Oil is perfect for popcorn because it can stand up to high heat without breaking down into risky aldehyde.”

Influencer Celeste and Julian opted to use her Malaysian palm oil to satisfy her sweet tooth and search for a healthy cake recipe. Her excitement about palm oil resonates in her words: “It does not alter the flavor of the cake and has so many health benefits!”

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