Malaysians want the world to know that, “Palm oil is God’s Gift.” The new slogan, introduced by Malaysian Deputy Minister of the Plantation Industries and Commodities Ministry Willie Mongin, replaces the more localized Love My Palm Oil campaign launched by previous Minister Teresa Kok in 2019 to instill national pride in one of the country’s major exports. 

Palm oil is the world’s most widely used vegetable oil, and Malaysia is the world’s second largest palm oil producer and exporter, and the leader in sustainable palm oil production. The new slogan is intended to call attention to palm oil’s ability to preserve natural resources and provide numerous health benefits. 

Palm oil is the highest yielding oil crop and requires the lowest land use. In Malaysia, old palm trees are pushed over, shredded and left to decompose in the warm sun. This adds nutrients to the soil and saves on the use of inorganic fertilizers. It also prevents air pollution from burning the old palms. 

Its processing is also easy on the environment. Old palms and palm kernel shells are also used as solid fuel for the boiler, generating the steam used to extract the oil from the fruit bunches. Excess steam from this process is used to generate electricity for domestic use by the plantation and factory workers.

For consumers around the world, palm oil is an economical way to add valuable nutrients to their diets. Considered a better-for-you oil that will not raise heart disease risk factors, palm oil is a rich source of complete vitamin E as well as numerous carotenoids. Its consumption has been tied to several health benefits. 

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