Chef Gerard Viverito is excited about the new Back to Basic cookbook, which features fast, simple recipes and calls for responsibly sourced ingredients such as Malaysian palm oil. Available from, proceeds benefit the Malaysian Palm Oil Council’s Wildlife Conservation Fund.

In this first in a series of videos, Chef G. discusses why he is so eager to share his knowledge of Malaysian cuisine, and his commitment to functional foods and sustainable cooking. “It’s a new world. We need to figure out how to cook with better ingredients. How can we make food more healthful through simple ingredients?” He adds that, “Most Asian cuisine is quick, it’s simple and it’s minimal ingredients.” All of the recipes in Back to Basics use Malaysian palm oil.

Instead of eating burgers out of paper wrappers, Chef G. predicts that this book may launch you on a journey of enjoying simple foods that have a maximum amount of flavor. “Through this book, blogs, additional recipes and videos, I will highlight how to cook with food at its maximum freshness, peak of season, how to pick it, when to pick it, and great substitutes if certain ingredients aren’t available.”

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