Malaysia’s oil palm farmers play a big role in global food security. This article by Naturally Savvy, which covers the latest news on healthy living, explains that a large percentage of Malaysia’s oil palm plantations are run and managed by small family farmers who have been using sustainable agricultural practices for more than 100 years. Compared with other oil-producing crops, oil palms require the least amount of land, produce the most oil and keep producing for up to 35 years.

To support sustainability, Malaysia enforces strict laws against clearing forests to create more farmland, making it necessary for farmers to keep their land and crops healthy and efficient. Unlike neighboring countries such as Indonesia, hunting wildlife is illegal in Malaysia and many animals actually use oil palm plantations as stopping points.

Naturally Savvy’s co-founder Randy Boyer says, “Malaysian farmers take their stewardship of our planet very seriously,” and lists more ways that Malaysia’s oil palm farmers practice sustainability.

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