The next time you pop a Lean Cuisine into the microwave for lunch or fill your pet’s bowl with Purina, you can feel good knowing you spent your grocery money with a company that is actively involved with improving the environment. 

Nestlē, the world’s largest food and beverage company, uses millions of tons of palm oil each year. Now the corporate giant has produced an interactive video presentation that walks consumers through its decision to use sustainably produced palm oil. 

In “Beneath the Surface,” the global giant poses this question to consumers: “We give you a peek into our daily dilemmas and ask, what would you do if it were up to you?”  The video presentation then describes three dilemmas and asks visitors to choose how they would respond.

The next three questions tackle some of the most emotionally charged palm oil-related topics: 

  1. Should we stop buying palm oil from small-scale farmers who contribute to deforestation?
  2. Should we buy all plantations to make sure we prevent forced labor?
  3. Should we completely stop using palm oil in our products from now on?

Consumers are given the option of answering yes or no to each question. The video then explains the pros and cons that underscore Nestlē’s choices. The company provides thoughtful descriptions of current conditions and describes the many ways that it is working to bring about positive change. 

Nestlē firmly states that it supports responsible palm oil production, while also explaining that using alternative oils just “shifts the problems elsewhere” because they are “not free from negative side effects for our planet.” At the video’s conclusions, consumers can click over to Nestlē’s responsible sourcing landing page for additional information.

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