In an opinion article published in Newsweek, global security expert Theodore Karasik, Ph.D. called attention to the importance of Malaysian palm oil for European food security. Karasik cautioned that Russia’s decision to suspend wheat exports, “coupled with its disproportionate influence over European food security,” could have grave consequences for the EU. 


Malaysia’s certified sustainable palm oil, already consumed by millions worldwide, may play an essential role in feeding Europeans. Notes Karasik, “Malaysia offers palm oil as a ready substitute to sunflower, a commodity that Russia has attempted to monopolize globally.” 


Because of this high yield, it produces significantly more oil than annual crops, such as corn, soybean and canola. A single acre of oil palm produces 11 times more oil than soybeans, and 10 times more than sunflower. Of the major oil crops, oil palm occupies the least land, but produces the most oil. Research is also underway to improve this already astonishing yield, enabling Malaysia to increase production without additional demands on land. Being a perennial tree crop, the supply of palm oil is reliable, and not as easily affected by weather and other agricultural issues.

The Malaysian government and its palm oil industry are committed to conservation and have strict policies in place to ensure responsible agricultural practices. Their goal is to meet the world’s demand for sustainable palm oil for generations to come.

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