Some foods may help us destress. Others may help us feel more alert and present. Appearing on CBS-TV in Washington, DC, psychonutritionist Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., whose newest book is called “Mental Fitness,” spoke about the link between food and mood including the discovery that bioactives in palm oil may lift our spirits.  

“Our mood is determined in large part by our food,” he confirmed. While sugary treats may give us a short-term lift, he advised: “If you want long-term good mood and happiness, resilience and focus, you really have to do it in a more comprehensive way.” That means feeding the brain in our head, as well as the brains in our gut and heart with such foods as apples, grapes and nuts. 

He further elaborated, “With researchers at MIT, we discovered there are compounds in palm oil that we can extract out, and those help with mood.” As people become more upbeat and alert, they feel amazing. It is now possible to get these bioactives and beneficial compounds in convenient powder form in such products as Amare Energy and Amare Edge.

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