The sixth International World Palm Portraits Photography Competition is underway! Enter now to receive valuable cash prizes and global recognition. Organized by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, this competition is open to both amateur and professional photographers. 

The six themes are divided into the five-month contest period. Cash prizes will be awarded for each theme: $1,000 USD for first place; $750 USD for second place and $500 USD for third place. The judging panel is composed of experts representing different fields of photography. All judging will be done online. 

Participants are free to choose to participate in all themes or only choose a specific theme with a maximum submission limit of 10 photos for each theme. Additional terms and conditions can be found here

The themes and deadlines are: 

  • Food and Products: July 1-27, 2021
  • Sawit Divine Blessing: August 1-27, 2021
  • Photo Manipulation: September 1-27, 2021
  • Black and White: September 1-27, 2021
  • Nature and Living Creatures: October 1-27, 2021
  • Small Farmers and Field Work: November 1-27, 2021

Are you ready to take the challenge? Register here and good luck!

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