Nine major newspapers around the country reprinted The Orange County Register’s recent interview with one of the nation’s leading researchers on the neuro-protective abilities of alpha tocotrienols. Reporter Jane Glenn Haas interviewed Dr. Chandan Sen, associate dean of research at Ohio State Medical Center, who encouraged tocotrienol supplementation. He explained that Malaysian palm fruit oil is a healthy oil and a plentiful source of this form of Vitamin E.

Dr. Sen has previously commented, “Alpha tocotrienol is markedly more potent than the more commonly available forms of vitamin E in its ability to help protect neurons in the brain from damage or death. Now we have the first evidence that it works by blocking the formation of a toxic chemical that is triggered by a stroke.”

Malaysian palm fruit oil contains a heart-healthy fat balance, and is easy to use as a replacement for other oils. Try some today; it can take eight to ten weeks to build your tocotrienol reserves.

Other newspapers that felt this interview was important enough to share with their readers were the Baltimore Sun,, Chicago Tribune, Hartford Courant, Los Angeles Times, Orlando Sentinel, Seattle Times, and The Modesto Bee. Thanks to Dr. Sen for this compelling interview!


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