Martin Hauer-Jensen, MD, PhD, FACS, a world-renowned expert on the effects of radiation in normal tissues, recently appeared on Little Rock’s KTHV-TV evening news to share groundbreaking research on how a form of vitamin E found in a healthy oil may one day be used to help protect against radiation damage.

Dr. Hauer-Jensen has been leading collaborative experiments conducted by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, AR, and by the U.S. Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, MD. That research assessed the effects of gamma tocotrienol (a form of vitamin E) in mice after exposing them to high levels of radiation, and affirmed gamma tocotrienol’s potential protective benefits.

After radiation exposure, functioning bone marrow and intestines are the best chance for recovery. Gamma tocotrienol affects both organ systems. Further studies must still be done to assess the radio-protective benefits of gamma tocotrienol for people.

Tocotrienols are powerful antioxidants, and are also believed to support your heart health, brain health and your immune system – beyond antioxidant activity. You can find them naturally in Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil and Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil supplements (available in most health food stores).

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