Traditional breast cancer treatment – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – is more successful in ridding the body of existing cancerous cells than inhibiting their growth and replication. So I was very interested in recent research from Dr. Paul Sylvester of the University of Louisiana that was presented during Palm Oil Health Week. His data mostly concerned cell cultures of breast cancer (test tube studies), but shows that tocotrienols from Malaysian palm fruit oil may compensate for the limitations of standard treatments. These results may eventually have implications for all women concerned about breast cancer – which is everyone, right?

Tocotrienols may help in the fight against breast cancer in a couple ways:

• Tocotrienols have great potential in the prevention and treatment of cancer because of their multiple mechanisms of action against different types of cancer – such as inhibition of growth factor receptor activation and inhibition of cancer cell replication

• Combining tocotrienols with different chemotherapy drugs can show a significant synergy to reduce cancer cell proliferation and inhibit breast cancer tumor growth

Dr. Paul Sylvester is at the forefront of breast cancer research. Several prestigious journals have published his studies. He and his colleagues received a U.S. patent for their tocotrienol-based anticancer research.

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