Think you’re maintaining your weight and health by not eating between meals? Silence your growling stomach because Dr. Beverly Yates urges healthful snacking between breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep your metabolism burning and your blood sugar even. Dr. Yates appeared on Sacramento & Co. to lay the ground rules of healthy snacking, including which healthy oil to include in your cooking.

  1. Eat balanced snacks. Your body needs carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals from produce and dairy, protein, and fat. Don’t give into the misconception that avoiding all fat is good for you – some may help your metabolism work more efficiently.
  2. Choose healthful fats. Saturated fat has been much maligned in recent years, but not all saturated fats contain trans fats. Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil is all-natural and naturally trans-fat free. It contains almost equal amounts of unsaturated fats and saturated fats, leaving virtually no adverse impact on your cholesterol levels.
  3. Eat most foods in moderation and everything in balance. Just because a fat is healthy doesn’t mean you can overdo it.

The next time you’re feeling hungry before dinner try this healthy snack: sauté Swiss chard in lemon juice and Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil. Swiss chard may help regulate blood sugar to keep your energy levels up. Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E tocotrienols and Vitamin A beta carotene. This snack is a great example of adding a tasty fat to a nutrient-packed dish to keep you satisfied!

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