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The conversations about sustainable Malaysian palm oil are ramping up, for its many health and cooking benefits, as well as Malaysia’s behind-the-scenes efforts to help protect and maintain a healthy earth. While palm oil has been used for more than 5,000 in many parts of the world, here in the U.S. we are learning to embrace it as well.

Here’s what others are saying:

  • In her La Jolla Light article, Pour on the Red Palm Fruit Oil, kitchen shrink Catherine Kaufman describes organic red palm oil as “the new rock star of the oil world.” She explains that it, “adds a mother lode of antioxidants to amp up ocular, skin and cellular health, bone metabolism and the immune system.” For those concerned about deforestation and the orangutan population, Kaufman includes a suggestion to purchase palm oil from Malaysia.
  • In his Life Optimization blog, blogger Alex Meyers comments, “I like red palm oil, but for many it’s an acquired taste, so try before you buy. It’s a full spectrum source of vitamin E (most vitamin E is the only the alpha tocopherol form, which is why vitamin E got a bad rap in relation to prostate cancers a few years back), CoQ10, vitamin A, omega 3/6 fatty acids, and vitamin K. It is also trans-fat free.”
  • Dr. Josh Axe, who endorses the idea of using food as medicine, has written extensively about the health benefits of palm oil. He recently commented that, “Arguably one of the most beneficial of its many positive attributes is that red palm oil contains the most abundant amount of vitamins A and E of any plant-based oil.” He further cautioned readers to only buy sustainable palm oil.
  • The Malaysia Kitchen website has a fun blog listing the top 10 American meals that need a Malaysian makeover. Among those listed are pizza, hot dogs and burgers. For more simple-to-prepare recipe ideas, check out Back to Basics, a cookbook available from Proceeds benefit the Malaysian Palm Oil Council’s Wildlife Conservation Fund.
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Not all palm oil is responsibly grown and produced. Malaysia is a world leader in earth-friendly oil palm cultivation and palm oil production. As UK writer Helen Niaias stated in her blog, Boycotting Palm Oil Won’t Do Any Good, the best tactic is to actively choose sustainable palm oil. “If you care about the implications of palm oil, check labels, look for RSPO, Rainforest Alliance or other sustainable certification on packaging,” she writes.

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