Representatives from the food and beverage industry, dietary supplement industry, and cosmetic and personal care companies will gather next month in Salt Lake City for a one-day Palm Oil and Tocotrienol Symposium. The Palm Oil and Tocotrienol Symposium, to be held on September 11, 2012 at the Radisson Hotel, is being jointly organized by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), the American Palm Oil Council (APOC), and Carotech Inc., the world’s largest and only GMP-certified natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol producer.

This symposium will provide current updates on the sustainability and applications of palm oil as well as the latest science of palm tocotrienol complex (Tocomin SupraBio) concerning neuroprotection and oral beauty (cosmeceuticals). The Symposium will cover a series of presentation by industry members as well as renowned researchers of the oil palm and tocotrienol.

Guest speakers include:

1. Dr. Cameron Rink, Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute, Ohio State University Medical Center, USA

2. Dr. Hazimah Abu Hassan, Director of Advanced Oleochemical Technology Division, Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia

3. Ms. Rosidah Radzian, Malaysian Palm Oil Board

4. Mr. Salleh Kassim, American Palm Oil Council

5. Mr. Bryan See, Carotech Inc

Their topics will range from palm oil sustainability to the nutritional benefits of palm tocotrienols, and the use of palm oil in cosmetics.

“Carotech is pleased to partner with MPOB and APOC to organize this inaugural Palm Oil Symposium event in Salt Lake City, Utah. This one-day event is going to benefit manufacturers and product formulators who want to use natural, sustainable and science-based ingredients in their products,” says Bryan See, Regional Product Manager, Carotech Inc.

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“There is a significant body of scientific evidence (human clinical data) on Tocomin SupraBio, the most bioavailable tocotrienol in the market, such as its crucial role in protection against neurodegeneration and in supporting liver health. Tocomin SupraBio is also the only tocotrienol source with actual human tissue distribution study. We are honored to have renowned researchers to grace this event and brining these research updates to the industry,” added Bryan See.

Registration is free and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Lunch will be provided. For more information, please contact Bryan See at (732) 906-1901 or email:


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