We never head into a new year without taking a look back, and when we do, it’s clear we owe our growing fan base a thank you. Numerous bloggers are sharing their love for Malaysian palm oil, often emphasizing how it’s a great fit with the keto diet or just as a way to get a healthy fat into their families’ diets. It might even help kids get excited about Brussels sprouts! Tara from Mom Knows Best uses Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil instead of olive oil in her Roasted Rainbow Brussels Sprouts recipe, and says, “I really like the buttery taste that the palm oil gives to my food, and the health benefits are pretty amazing, too.”   

Roasted Rainbow Brussels Sprouts Made With Palm Oil


Tara also likes Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil for sautéing eggs. As with many other bloggers, she loves that it’s a natural source of carotenoids and vitamin E tocotrienols. Tocotrienols support brain and liver health, and carotenoids are great for your immune system and skin health.



Stacy wrote in a post on Stacy Tilton Reviews that Malaysian palm oil is a great fit for her low-carb, keto lifestyle. One “pantry staple that you’ll need to replace is that old, stand-by vegetable oil,” she said. “Now I use either bacon drippings (you’ll have a lot when eating low-carb) or a healthier oil like Malaysian palm oil.” Palm oil is nature’s richest source of vitamin E tocotrienols, which are powerful antioxidants. Stacy also speaks to something we all struggle with sometimes: snacking! She said using palm oil on her popcorn enables her to treat herself with a healthy snack.

If you’re not used to making popcorn the old-fashioned way, Abby from Hewes Family Fun shares her recipe and a how-to. Abby also uses Malaysian palm oil in pizza crust for a more golden appearance and buttery flavor. Looking for more recipes? Check out Wendy Del Monte’s Instagram post. She shares her steak dinner with homemade chimichurri sauce using Malaysian palm oil. “It was so delicious!” she wrote. “Did you know Malaysian palm oil is GMO free, has lots of antioxidants, gives you energy and is good for you!”

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We’re also grateful to bloggers, such as Sarah Jane Parker from The Fit Cookie, who go out of their way to clear up misconceptions about Malaysian palm oil. In this Instagram post she shared several facts highlighting why she uses palm oil, including:

  • One acre of oil palm produces 11 times more oil than an acre of soybeans and seven times more than one acre of canola.
  • Natural saturated fats like palm oil and coconut oil have a place in a nutritious diet when consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

Malaysia is dedicated to sustainability. One-hundred percent of Malaysia’s palm oil will be certified sustainable by the end of 2019.

Thanks to all of these bloggers and others who are helping more people discover the benefits of using Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

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