Red Palm Fruit Oil in Woman's World MagazineEveryone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. The deadly disease claims the lives of too many of our mothers, sisters and daughters each year. The good news is incidences of breast cancer have been dropping over the past decade, but we can’t stop there. News that products made with healthy palm oil may play a role in thwarting the spread of breast cancer cells is getting widespread attention.

Thanks to Woman’s World writer Linda Hamilton for highlighting ongoing breast cancer research in her article, 6 breakthrough ways to Prevent breast cancer, appearing in the July 16 issue. In her review of ways to keep our cells healthier, Hamilton zeroes in on how palm fruit oil  is the richest natural food source of tocotrienols, which studies show may be beneficial in the  fight against advanced breast cancer.

Researchers have found evidence that palm-based tocotrienols may inhibit human breast cancer cells irrespective of estrogen receptor status. This exciting news has generated even more research dollars. Scientists at the University of Malaya Medical Centre are embarking on a clinical trial to find out more about the potential anti-cancer properties of Vitamin E tocotrienols extracted from palm fruit oil.

Dr. Sylvester has been a leader in breast cancer research for decades at the University of Louisiana at Monroe College of Pharmacy. His paper published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, The Value of Tocotrienols in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, is a comprehensive description of tocotrienols’ tremendous anti-cancer potential. Additionally, in a prior study completed by Dr. Sylvester using Carotech’s Tocomin SupraBio, he found that combining low doses of statins with tocotrienols may provide significant health benefits in the treatment of breast cancer in women. That study was published in the prestigious journal, Experimental Biology and Medicine. In February, the school was awarded with a $10,000 donation from the Louisiana Cancer Foundation to continue its innovative research.

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Thanks to leading national publications such as Woman’s World, and breakthrough studies from Dr. Paul Sylvester, we can educate millions of women on emerging research for lowering breast cancer risk . Check out our recipe page to learn easy ways to incorporate Red Palm Fruit Oil into your meals.

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