MEDIA BUZZ: We need to get more comfortable about including healthy fats in our diets. And my home seemed like the most comfortable setting for Los Angeles-based ABC TV News food coach Lori Corbin to interview me on this topic. As you’ll see in this Eyewitness News clip, I got to demonstrate how Malaysian palm oil can be part of a nutritious diet, even for kids.

For many Southern California residents, “fats” can almost be considered a four-letter word. It was gratifying that a major TV news station devoted so much time to letting me set the record straight. I told Lori that it’s time for an oil change. We need to eat less corn, safflower and soybean oils. That’s not even to mention the highly processed canola oil (which I won’t even have in my kitchen). We need to replace these with healthier alternatives such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and yes, even butter.


I don’t often get to cook for media audiences, so getting the chance to talk about fats and show people the right way to use them was fun. I suggested these recipes, including healthy chicken nuggets and sweet potato “fries” prepared with Malaysian palm oil, for the audience to try at home.

We’ve known for at least a decade that dietary cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease. Now that Lori has helped to educate ABC’s Southern California audience about this, it’s one more step to putting our fear of fats behind us.

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