Mastering the art of air frying can be tough, with many dishes coming out dry and bland. You might want to add Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil to your recipes! In this article published by Delight Gluten Free Magazine, Chef Gerard Vivento, known as the Sustainable Chef, is sharing his favorite flavor hacks to get the crispiest, tastiest meals with your air fryer. Chef G. says it’s all about the way you use your oil and using the right oil makes all the difference. 

Cooking oils help keep food flavorful and crisped to perfection. Some oils burn at high temperatures, ruining the taste and texture of your food. Other oils, such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, have higher smoke points and won’t break down during the cooking process. It has the added benefit of being nutrient-dense and sustainably produced, plus it works great in marinades and recipes! To get the crispness while using an air fryer, brush or spray on the palm oil before cooking and again half-way through the cooking process. Chef G. salso gives readers some of his favorite air fryer recipes to try at home.

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