We just came across this delicious and healthy recipe on the Healthful Sense blog using Carotino Canola & Red Palm Oil, which contains Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil, a healthy oil that is ideal for most cooking needs. We can’t wait to try this brown rice noodle dish with garbanzo beans, mixed veggies, kale and peanut sauce.

Carotino Canola & Red Palm Oil’s beautiful color comes from palm fruit oil’s rich beta carotene content. Palm fruit oil also contains a unique form of vitamin E, tocotrienols, believed to support your heart health, brain health and your immune system. Plus it is has virtually no adverse impact on your cholesterol levels. No wonder the bottle proudly proclaims ‘The Healthier Oil for Cooking & Salad Dressings’.

For those of us who prefer natural, unprocessed foods, Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil is the obvious and smartest choice. You’ve seen how easy it is to use in this quick Asian-inspired pasta. Now try it in your kitchen today! It’s great for even simple dishes such as a vegetable sauté.

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